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Six Sigma Tests! Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt

Prepare for your six sigma test with our pdf practice tests. We offer all 3 levels; from Black Belt test preparation to Green Belt and Yellow Belt. Whether you're preparing for an ASQ exam, IASSC Exam or any other Six Sigma certification exam, you can be sure you're ready with our pdf Practice Tests. All 3 of our tests feature various question formats to ensure you're adequately prepared for any question style or format that your certification exam might throw at you.

Question Types

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Mulitple Answer
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Sort Order
  • Situational Assessment

Based on your selection from the drop down menu above, we will deliver to you that practice test via download from your store account. You will recieve two pdf documents, one with all of the test questions and the other with those same questions correctly answered.

Six Sigma Black Belt Test

Our Six Sigma Black Belt test is over 180 questions covering the entire DMAIC curriculum.  It's the most effective & affordable way to prepare for your ASQ, or IASSC certification exam.  Don't go into your official Six Sigma test without properly preparing with our pdf Practice test!

Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt PracticeTests

Our Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt practice tests are subsets of the Black Belt test. We've included only the questions you're likely to see in a certificaiton exam based on the body of knowledge and curriculum outlines of both ASQ and IASSC. The Green Belt practice test is just over 150 questions while the Yellow Belt is 85 questions. Like the Black Belt test, both are delivered in two separate pdf files via download from your store account.

Because both the Green Belt and Yellow Belt tests are subsets of Black Belt test, we discount your price when you make your selection. The Green Belt test will be $18.99 and the Yellow Belt test will be $17.99.

Sample Test Questions

Below are just a few samples of questions and question types that you can expect from our pdf Practice Tests. When you purchase a practice test you will receive the questions in one pdf file and the questions correctly answered in another pdf file.

1.  A process operating at 6 Sigma will only generate 3.4 defects per million opportunities?

            [   ]   True                     [   ]   False


2.  COPQ is an acronym that stands for what? ______________________


3.  DPU is calculated by dividing the number of defects by the number of units

            [   ]   True                     [   ]   False


4.  CTQ is an acronym that stands for what? ______________________


5.  Which is not a characteristic of a successful team?

                [   ] Common goals and working together to achieve that goa

                [   ] Team member diversity (skills, knowledge, experience etc.)

    [   ] Appropriate resources are available                    

    [   ] Mutual respect                 

    [   ] A good leader exists among the team

                [   ] Complacency exists


6.  What type of muda is waste from working more than required, scheduling more capacity than necessary or using resources that are overkill?

            [   ]   Inventory                                       [   ]   Over-Production

            [   ]   Motion                                          [   ]   Waiting

            [   ]   Transportation                             [   ]   Over-Processing


7.  The 5 Principals of Lean are paraphrased below, select the correct 5

            [   ] Customer Defines Value                          [   ] Identify the Value Stream

            [   ] Continuous Flow                                        [   ] Pull Where Possible

            [   ] Manage Toward Perfection                      [   ] Batch Processing

            [   ] Work Faster


8.  Arrange these C&E process steps into the correct order of execution.

[   ] Affinitize or group the causes

[   ] Brainstorm all potentials causes

[   ] Evaluate

            [   ] Identify & define the effect


9.  Select only those that are examples of graphical analysis tools

            [   ] Box Plots                           [   ] Histograms

            [   ] Scatter Plots                     [   ] Run Charts

            [   ] ANOVA table                    [   ] Regression Equation


10.  A Cp of greater than 1 suggests...

            [   ] Total process variation is greater than the width between the USL and LSL

            [   ] Total process variation is less than the width between the USL and LSL


11.  To reduce β risk, we should increase the __________.


12.  A hypothesis test is a statistical method in which a specific hypothesis is formulated about the population, and the decision of whether to reject the hypothesis is made based on sample data.

            [   ] True                       [   ] False

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